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Welcome to
Ticking Boxes

the podcast from the founders of WellGiving.

Ticking Boxes hears stories from a wide range of people from different business sectors on the success and failures of their CSR strategies. Learn from the journeys and experiences of these experts and leaders who have important insights to share.

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happier, healthier employees

woman in pink top running to improve her health and wellbeing

The role all our guests have in common is that they want to create a workplace that has happier and healthier employees.

The way they implement their strategies might be different but overall, their goal remains the same, with the added benefit of boosting productivity, workplace morale and attracting talent whilst adopting important corporate social responsibility programmes.

If you would like to be a guest and join us on Ticking Boxes, please get in touch and tell us a little about yourself and why you want to join in the conversation.

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listen to episode eleven with Mark White 

Mark created Run Grateful during the Global Pandemic. In today’s podcast he explains the concept of the company and shares the inspiration behind it.

He talks to us about his passion for running and movement and shares the positive benefits that it can have on all of our Mental Health, specifically whilst practicing mindfulness and gratitude.

listen to episode ten with Joe Lipman 

Joe is currently a student at Edinburgh University. Whilst pursuing his studies in Politics he has developed and launched a start up business providing a platform to support sustainable choices when shopping.

listen to episode nine with Daniel Chan 

Daniel is currently in the role of Global Workplace & Wellbeing Lead at Dentsu International, a global marketing and advertising agency. Here he is responsible for the wellbeing of employees across the organisation.

In today’s podcast Daniel talks to us about the experience of working in the wellbeing/wellness sector across countries and cultures.  

He shares with us some of the initiatives that have been successfully introduced at Dentsu to support employees. We also discuss the wellbeing challenges facing leaders in today’s working environment and consider what the future looks like for workplace wellbeing. 

listen to episode eight with Richard Packman 

Richard is the Managing Director of startup company GoodPAYE, a payroll giving platform who are committed to revolutionising charity donations through payroll giving. 

In this podcast Richard talks us through the process of payroll giving. He explains the benefits and tells us how his company are making it accessible to employees in all sizes of company

listen to episode seven with Leanne Hugglestone

Leanne is the Network Lead at the cross government volunteer network and for the past 10 years has been the Corporate and Social Responsibility Manager at Companies House. 

In this podcast episode Leanne talks about her personal journey and how this journey has fuelled her passion for CSR.

She tells us about the CSR successes at Companies House, the challenges faced and how they have been able to improve and support employee engagement in the community.

listen to episode six with Clare  Eason

In this podcast we are joined by Clare Eason who is the Global Head of Corporate and Social Responsibility at the company Lumanity, who are in the healthcare space. 

After joining the company as an Executive Assistant in 2008 her passion for wellbeing, culture and charirty soon saw her role evolve and as Global Head of CSR at Lumanity she is responsible for nearly 40 locations and over 1200 employees. 

Clare talks with us about the importance of Corporate and Social Responsibility in a global organisation. 

listen to episode five with Ellen Lapworth-Maisey

Ellen’s background has primarily been working in mental health or in caring roles. Having started out in a caring profession, she has always felt a passion to help, support and care for people in whatever role she was in. 

Ellen has worked for charities, and taken on volunteer roles and after taking a year out to focus on her own well-being, she returned to a role in the private sector being employed by DPD as a well-being manager.

listen to episode four with
Jane White

Beginning her career in hospitality operations and sales, Jane progressed into roles where she was able to mentor and develop others. This included teaching life skills to those that were unemployed or underemployed. She moved back into the Corporate sector working in talent management and organisational development and

Jane has now been at Delt Shared Services for 5 years and is currently their Chief People and Culture officer. She is passionate about employee wellbeing and creating that great place to work.

listen to episode three with
Jo Newman

Jo’s journey into well-being has been built over many years and is based on her genuine empathy and natural skills for helping people. This has recently resulted in her being known as the “Wellbeing Warrioress” and winner of 2022 Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards in the category of ‘Breaking the Silence’.

listen to episode two with
Ed Packshaw

From graduating as a zoologist, dreaming of being a marine biologist to working internationally as a field researcher and building schools in Africa – this is the story of how Ed became a passionate global sustainability leader committed to changing peoples minds towards climate change.

listen to episode one with
Leanne Spencer

From a high pressure sales job in the city, an unhealthy lifestyle with food and alcohol, to burnout – this is the story of how Leanne developed true resilience to become an accomplished author, keynote speaker and creator in 10 years and started her business, Bodyshot Performance.