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play as a team

A great way to keep motivated with exercise is to play in team sports.

It’s good fun and raises a lot of charity points, helping you to reach your WellGiving target much faster!

Round up your friends and colleagues for a regular ball game or join an amateur sports league near you.


team sports win high charity points

Team sports tend to be energetic with plenty of calorie-burning movement – all happening as you enjoy the game.

The WellGiving platform helps you turn this energy into a high number of well-deserved charity points, which means that whilst you are having fun with your friends or colleagues, you are clocking up vital funds for your chosen charity. Everyone’s a winner!

here are some tips to get started

create your own game

Prefer to create your own team sport with a group of colleagues?

Why not suggest weekly 5-a-side football, a company rounders tournament in the local park or a game of basketball?

These friendly competitions can be a good laugh, and often involve a sociable trip to the pub afterwards.

join a team

Is there a team sport you enjoy and would love to play again?

If so, then why not see if there is an amateur league near you? There are plenty kicking around, such as netball, football, rugby, cricket, basketball, dodgeball and more. You can join on your own or take friends and colleagues along with you.

teams for all

Across the UK there are amateur team sports available for all abilities and disabilities, from complete beginners to seasoned players, and variations to cater for different needs.

These include wheelchair sports as well as sports for those with visual-impairments, deafness and learning disabilities, to name just a few.

the benefits of team sports

keeps you fit whilst having fun

highly sociable

builds confidence and self-esteem

team support and encouragement

regular healthy exercise for both body & mind

improved sleep and wellbeing

high number of wellgiving charity points!

‘What drew me towards a team sport were the camaraderie and friendship.’

– Rahul Dravid, Indian Cricketer

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