Summer holidays are here, the children are home from school bringing its own unique challenges to hybrid/remote workers and the UK is starting to open up and return to the ‘new normal’. It’s been a very busy couple of months at WellGiving and a very challenging time for schools, organisations and charities.

We’ve been conducting customer discovery interviews and post challenge reviews with our customers and this has led to a whole host of new product features for the WellGiving platform. Put simply, you asked and we delivered.

Wall of Photos

Add some colour to your challenge by sharing photos of your exercise easily. Photos can be uploaded via My Activities or are synced automatically via Strava activities. We have seen some amazing landscapes as a result. Keep them coming and share the journey as you raise funds for charity and improve your wellbeing.

Recognise and Reward Effort

A regularly requested feature that we could no longer ignore. Athletes can now give each other a friendly thumbs up for any activity recorded against a challenge. This also means you can now view all activities in the challenge and filter by athlete, team, type of exercise and date range. Easily give support and provide extra motivation to continue the journey.

JustGiving Integration

WellGiving now fully supports fundraising and crowdfunding JustGiving pages. You can attach these pages to the overall challenge, athletes or teams and WellGiving will do the rest to show a realtime donation total.

Simplified Invites

Once a challenge is published, challenge admins can download or print a simple one page PDF to share with all athletes for onboarding. The joining page and invite highlight the charities supported by the challenge as well as featuring QR code and link to easily share internally and simplify the entire process.

Points for Effort

We’ve had a number of organisations who have completed challenges and have requested an alternative points scoring system for their next challenge. So we collaborated with a number of athletes to create a new PRO feature that using global standards rewards points based on effort. This is an alternative to the default all inclusive, all activities are equal approach at the heart of WellGiving.

Full International Timezone Support

In the past month we have had our first fully international challenge live with athletes in India, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany and the UK. So we are pleased to announce that challenges have full local timezone support enabling athletes across timezones to complete on a level playing field.

Co Branded Portal

A major development in the past quarter, we are actively partnering with charities and leading wellbeing organisations to offer WellGiving as a co-branded portal. This provides a custom, branded web address and portal for the athletes completing the challenge. WellGiving helps to reinforce the charities and their impact via the news feed, weekly email updates and now the additional branding and live donations bring an extra edge to those giving up time and energy to exercise for charity.

Double Points

As an extra incentive to engage users during a challenge, challenge admins can now reward athletes with double points. By completing activities for specific sports, classes or time periods athletes can earn double points, maximising their involvement in organisation led events such as live and on demand classes.


Time for a well deserved rest and holiday!