Happy Bank Holiday weekend!

Just a quick WellGiving update to share the amazing journey to date.

We have been extremely busy over the past month collaboratively developing WellGiving and we are thrilled to announce a set of new features that we feel would really help you with your challenge.

Faster, Detailed Leaderboards

You can filter by athletes, teams, activities, distance, elevation as well as WellGiving points.

If you are running a team challenge you can filter data by teams, a specific team and all athletes.

For team challenges we have introduced average points to make it an even more competitive!

A Simple Way to Add An Activity

This is a welcome addition and we are now seeing over 25% of all activities being logged manually. We listened and as much as we love the latest fitness app, it’s clear that not everyone uses Strava or Fitbit or wants to signup for something new. No app switching required, simply log your activity and you can even upload evidence too.

What fitness tracker do you use that you would like to see integrated?

Stay in touch with your athletes

We have added a really simple micro blogging tool to allow you to easily publish challenge updates to all athletes taking part in your challenge. So any motivational fundraising updates, sponsor news or prizes can be added in a few seconds. WellGiving also supports embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos too so there’s no excuse not to record a little thank you video to keep everyone motivated.

How many activities???

At WellGiving our mission has always been to help our users to be more physically active, leading to improved mental health and a real sense of purpose by supporting the vital work of charities.

So we have extended our coverage of sports and physical activities. Simply take a look at the 60+ types of activity listed on the leaderboards or by adding a manual activity.

Found an activity that’s not listed? Simply let us know and we can add it.

Ultimate control over donations

If you are a company and donating as part of a CSR initiative, you can now set a maximum donation limit to be paid at the end of the challenge direct to the charities you are supporting.

Even better than that you set how the donations are calculated i.e. £5 for every 60 minutes of exercise

In addition, we now integrate into JustGiving pages.

If you want to discuss the donations aspects of WellGiving in more detail, just let me know.

Distance, Route, Time or Unlimited – you control the challenge!

Yes, we have extended the types of challenges you can run to be create the perfect challenge for your mission. Oh and challenges can be individual, in teams or as a global goal with everyone working together.

We have time based challenges running where the target is 10,000 minutes, map based routes with teams and individuals plotted on the map, distance based challenges to complete a set number of miles or kilometres (yes we now support kms) and then there’s the unlimited challenge – complete as many minutes of exercise as you can before the challenges finishes.


We have loved working with you on your challenge. All of the above has only been possible thanks to your support and willingness to collaborate with myself and the rest of the WellGiving team to explore what’s possible and most importantly what’s needed right now.

Have a great long weekend. There should be plenty of time for exercise!