At WellGiving we are committed to improving wellness in the workplace.

Through our HealthTech 50 ranked wellbeing platform, we provide the tools needed to create group challenges across global offices that are proven to enhance employee engagement, build teams, increase motivation, and boost productivity.
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The challenges combine fitness and fundraising and are designed to be inclusive so everyone feels they can join in, not just the elite sports people of the business.

WellGiving has recognised that any movement is positive for the well-being and mental health of employees and to be more inclusive it is more productive to offer ‘movement challenges’ where employees can choose how they move and for how long whilst raising funds for charity. No longer just based on how far they can run, they can spin or stretch their way to the number of minutes required to meet the challenge criteria – they set the pace.

Over the past 12 months, WellGiving has embarked on a series of research-based reports to further understand the impact of workforce wellbeing because of the restrictions placed during the pandemic and more recently, the rise of hybrid-working. The main points raised have been how they connect workforces that are often split across multiple locations and that CSR Leaders do not want their role to be seen merely as a tick-box exercise and more as building a culture that lives and breathes the brand and corporate values.

We dig deeper to get to the heart of the issues and share their ideas for improving the role of the CSR Leader and employee engagement.

connecting workforces & improving wellbeing

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Conversations with Senior Managers and HR Managers about their approach to remote working, employee wellbeing and bridging the gap between the two brought up several key challenges.

With the speed of change, employee wellbeing and their mental health has become a significant concern for Senior Managers to look after their teams in a hybrid environment. The loss of spontaneous conversations and collaboration for innovation for a remote workforce has been widely noted as a key concern.

Keen not to lose that ‘office culture’, Wellbeing and HR managers are seeking innovative ways to promote greater levels of teamworking in the new hybrid scenario.

Connecting all employees together is seen as a significant challenge and we delve into how this has impacted the workplace and what managers are doing to improve employee engagement and wellbeing.

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why wellgiving?

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bespoke challenges

Virtual Fitness challenges bespoke to the school. This could include walking to a school in another country. All of which can be setup straight away.

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team competitions

Hold team competitions with houses and partner schools in different locations nationally and internationally.

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inclusive of all activities

We are inclusive. Any type of activity counts from walking your dog to fitness classes to alpine skiing.

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real time integration

Our platform can integrate with fitness trackers such as Strava and Fitbit to show activity in real time.

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level playing field

We have got you covered, 20 minutes of any exercise equals a virtual mile.

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improve engagement

Improve levels of student engagement and
attendance whilst encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

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bring your team together

Bring students together in a positive manner, through a healthy school sports competition.

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no admin headaches

Gone are the days when you had to rely upon admin and manually inputting information.

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promoting your charity

As a charity partner, we will include your organisation’s details, website link and branding on the WellGiving website, as well as in our WellGiving packs for businesses and their employees.

main benefits

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Charities can easily run virtual fitness
challenges bespoke to your charity.

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Companies introduced by a charity
will receive our offering for free.

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Low admin fee of 1.5% of the total
donations received.

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Company donation direct to a
charity as we do not hold funds.

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Integrates into leading fundraising
platforms for employee led fundraising.

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Increase charity visibility and
corporate engagement.

join the wellgiving charity community

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