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Wellbeing doesn’t just affect employees it affects their tribe. With the work life balance being disrupted more than ever with employees working from home many are struggling with childcare during holidays etc.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have typed in Google what can I do with the children. Searching and scouring the internet looking for things to do to keep my mini beings entertained. There’s only so much worksheets I can print out expecting them to focus on those whilst I work away at my slave machine laptop. Whilst the worksheets work great for my child aged 7, for my 2 year old there’s no chance. At the risk of sounding like a bad parent there is only so much CBeebies that he can watch before the guilt starts to creep in.

If it’s not the kids then it’s the dried up family Whatsapp chat. During isolation and an overdose of social media the family chat has become full of forwards of Tiktok videos to silly funny videos. We have nothing new to report though we are going back to a sense of normality it all pretty much feels the same.

This is where I personally am thankful for WellGiving. We have 2 challenges currently running, 1 for the kids and 1 for the crazy competitive adults. My children are constantly checking in to see where they are on the leaderboards compared to their cousins and friends. The Whatsapp chat has blown up with competitive funny banter, gone are the boring videos and more interaction. It has in effect brought us closer as a family whilst making us laugh hysterically it has also had the effect of making us fitter. All of us fitting in different types of activities trying to get the edge over the other team. Put it this way the stationary bike that was used to hang washing on is actually being used to cycle on… who would have thought.

Never before has my work life balance been more perfect. I am finding that I am more in the moment, taking scheduled breaks and actually enjoying my family and friends a whole lot more. We are already thinking about our October and Christmas challenges. The forfeits have already been decided losing team cooks Thanksgiving/ Christmas dinner!