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make your activity count

If you enjoy a weekly run or swim, or you walk or cycle to work, then why not have your activity converted into funds for a charity you care about?

There’s no need to raise money yourself, or even ask your friends, family or colleagues – it’s all done by your company if they are a part of the WellGiving charity mission.


All you have to do is sign up to the WellGiving platform, connect your fitness trackers and hey press up – any activity you do converts into charity funds, paid directly to the charity by your company.

Don’t have a regular activity, then why not start one? Here are some tips below to help.

here are some tips to get started

choose your activity

All exercise comes with great benefits, so whatever you prefer to do, you’ll notice huge improvements in your physical and mental wellbeing. The WellGiving platform recognises a wide range of activities (see list below) so you can choose whichever ones you enjoy the most. Just set up your profile, choose your activity and get moving!

pick your charity

The WellGiving mission is all about raising vital funds for the charities you care about – and you get to choose where your money goes. WellGiving has partnered with hundreds of charities across the UK, all desperate for funds to help people in need. Visit our charity page for our current list of charity partners and pick the ones you want to help.

create your profile

If your company is taking part in the WellGiving mission, you will be sent a link to your company’s WellGiving profile. Here you will find their charity target, suggested charities and any collective challenges set. Your company may have chosen to run a charity points leader board too add some healthy competition amongst staff.

the benefits of exercising solo

you get fit and healthy

improves your wellbeing

improves your sleep

you choose when and where you want to exercise

it gives you important time to yourself

you raise vital funds for your chosen charity

Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

solo and individual sports to have a go

Here are a few individual sports to inspire you:












martial arts



gym workout



ice skating



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