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Turn your physical exercise into charity points and help raise vital funds.
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the wellgiving challenge

Want to feel fitter and healthier? Like supporting causes close to your heart? The WellGiving project and platform does both! 

Created to help raise over £1million for charities across the UK, WellGiving cleverly converts every bit of your regular exercise, from walking and cycling to a game of football or gym workout into charity funds.

So as you walk to work or have a kick about with your mates, you’re raising money for your favourite charity.

Sounds awesome? We think so too! Here’s how it works:


sign up

Once your company signs up to the WellGiving challenge, you will be sent an invitation to take part. From here, you can set up your own profile and goals, individually or as a team.

get moving

The WellGiving platform converts points from dozens of different types of physical exercise, from walking to basketball, so whatever your choice, link up your fitness counters and get moving.

give to charity

Select a charity from your company’s list and watch your points raise vital funds for people who need essential support. All whilst you keep fit – it’s a win win.

get involved

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play your part

What do you do to stay fit? Walk to work? Cycle? Saturday Parkrun? Play football, netball or do a workout class? 

Whatever your exercise hustle, why not make it all count by converting your activities into vital charity funds – without the struggle of having to raise the money yourself.

and here’s what you get out of it…

feel fitter and healthier

improved sleep and daytime energy

team spirit and office banter

raise money for charities you care about personally

charity giving feelgood factor

no need to raise charity money yourself

woman in red top and ripped jeans cycling down cobbled road for physical exercise r oad

need some inspiration?

There are numerous activities and exercises which WellGiving converts into charity points, from walking, jogging and cycling to a wide number of team sports for all abilities that you can enjoy doing with colleagues.

company not involved in wellgiving?

Give your bosses a nudge and send them to the book a demo page!

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