How do I join a challenge?

You will receive a golden ticket or in this case an invite link with a unique URL to join the challenge from the administrator of the challenge.

Challenges on the top left hand side after you log in lists all challenges you have joined.

It will show live challenges which are the challenges you are currently enrolled in:

Once you click into your live challenge you will be able to see the team dashboard when you scroll down. This will show where your team are currently placed.

To look at a particular athlete’s progress simply click into the team that they are in to have a closer look. Then click onto their name

Once you have clicked into your live challenge if you scroll down you will be able to see all types of exercise:

Due to our platform being inclusive of any exercise we find that most athletes are interested to see what their colleagues take part in.

You can see all recent activity underneath the type of exercise, allowing you to keep an eye out for the competition. You can even like the any activity that a colleague has recently done allowing you to give your friends a boost:

Click into your live challenge and on the top you will see an option to view the leaderboards:

The beauty of the leaderboard is that you can filter down to the detail you would like to see. You can look at teams/ athletes and even by activity.

What is classed as an activity?

An activity can be anything from walking the dog to Zumba to Alpine Skiing. Remember that 20 minutes equal 1 virtual mile. When it comes to recording an activity in order to count you must have done it for a minimum of 3 minutes, anything less and we can’t record it.

When adding an activity, it is really important to ensure that the activity you are adding has taken place within the dates of your live challenge.

All activities you record on Strava or Fitbit will be automatically uploaded to WellGiving and you will be awarded points for the length of the activity.

If you forget to record an activity, or it is not possible to record on Strava or Fitbit, you can manually add an activity.

If you do not want to use Strava or Fitbit, you are able to manually upload all activities you complete too

Simply click on Account Settings  on the top right-hand side after you log in:

Whether you have Strava of Fitbit you can connect to either by simply selecting one of the 2 options below and following the instructions:

Creating a Strava Account


  • Strava is a fitness tracking app, which lets you track over 30 different activities. It can be used on all iPhone and Android devices. You can sync fitness watches and a number of other fitness tracking apps to Strava.
  • Create a Strava account here.
  • Once you have created a Strava account, go back to WellGiving and connect Strava to your account

You can upload your activities to Strava using any of the following methods:


Go into the ‘Activities’ page and you will see an option on the right-hand side to add activity:

This will then lead you to the following page which will ask you a set of questions regarding your activity. Once completed simply click create activity:

Not to worry, help is on the way! Simply click into ‘Activities’ and find the activity you would like to amend, on the right-hand side simply click on the first button to edit:

This will open up the details that you entered for you to amend. Edit the details you wish to change and click save activity:

Simply click on the activity you would like to delete and select the trash can on the right-hand side:

Account Settings – Security, Privacy and Configuration

In order to access account settings click on the down arrow next to your name on the right hand side of the menu. This will then bring up your account settings:

Ensure that your name is entered correctly and that the time zone is also correct:

For Challenges where points are calculated based on Calories, please ensure you enter your weight in Kilograms

Secure your account by enabling Two Factor Authentication

In settings you can choose whether to opt into the leader boards or not by selecting the box:

Getting Help and Support

We have a number of ways to get in touch and access help and support.