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Turn your pedalling into charity funds

If you love cycling to work, or ride a bike to keep fit, then you can help raise vital funds for charity.

The WellGiving platform converts your cycling activity into charity points for your employer to donate. No need to raise any money yourself, just jump on your bike, get peddling and watch the charity points climb.

Cycling has become a hugely popular sport. In 2020, 7.5 million people in the UK took to their bikes for exercise, leisure and work.



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As well as a healthy way to commute, cycling is considered an enjoyable sport for all ages and varying abilities.

It helps to strengthen muscle as well as providing an aerobic workout – the average person burns between 450 and 750 calories an hour cycling.

To help raise vital funds for the charities you care about, all you have to do is sign up to the WellGiving platform, connect your fitness trackers and get cycling.

The more you cycle, the more points you’ll get and the more money you’ll raise.

how it works

get your company on board

If your employer is taking part in the nationwide WellGiving challenge, then you will receive a link to join in and sign up to the WellGiving platform to get started. If your company is not yet involved, and you would like to tell them about, click here.

the wellgiving platform

Once your company is involved, you can sign up to the WellGiving platform and set up your WellGiving profile. Here you can set your own challenge and link your fitness trackers (including FitBit, Strava and Google Fit).

pick your charity

The WellGiving mission is all about raising vital funds for the charities you care about – and you get to choose where your money goes to. WellGiving has partnered with hundreds of charities across the UK, all desperate for funds to help people in need.

the benefits of cycling

an aerobic workout that keeps you healthy

burns hundreds of calories

builds muscle and strength

a stress-buster

fresh air and nature benefits

plenty of wellgiving charity points

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