Boost your employees' wellbeing, whilst raising money for charity.
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Through bespoke fitness challenges – where the more “points” your employees earn, the more money is donated to good causes. Improve team spirit. Improve employee wellbeing. And meet your charity goals. It’s a CSR dream.

why should you do a virtual challenge?

Research shows that reduced interaction through lockdown measures and remote working has greatly impacted staff motivation and energy levels. 

According to Public Health England and the World Health Organisation, individuals need to be exercising for 2.5 hours per week for minimum health and wellbeing. Those who carry out regular exercise are shown to have increased energy, motivation, confidence and happiness, which leads to improved workplace performance.

healthy, motivated staff = happy, productive workplace


why wellgiving?

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bespoke challenges

Virtual Fitness challenges bespoke to the school. This could include walking to a school in another country. All of which can be setup straight away.

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team competitions

Hold team competitions with houses and partner schools in different locations nationally and internationally.

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inclusive of all activities

We are inclusive. Any type of activity counts from walking your dog to fitness classes to alpine skiing.

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real time integration

Our platform can integrate with fitness trackers such as Strava and Fitbit to show activity in real time.

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level playing field

We have got you covered, 20 minutes of any exercise equals a virtual mile.

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improve engagement

Improve levels of student engagement and
attendance whilst encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

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bring your team together

Bring students together in a positive manner, through a healthy school sports competition.

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no admin headaches

Gone are the days when you had to rely upon admin and manually inputting information.

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setup the challenge

Decide what you would like your challenge to be.

Are you visiting a head office in the UK or abroad?

Are you challenging a department in a different area?

confirm the live date

When would you like to start?

Send us an email with the dates you would like to start and complete the challenge.

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