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The Story

Brewin Dolphin is an independent wealth management company that provides tailored financial planning and investment services. The company’s brand is built on people and its relationship with them. 

As a business, we wanted to create a way to manage our team’s results from their tracking systems (Fitbit, Strava etc) that were accurate, interactive and a collaborative experience for both us as organisers and our team members to use. 

We had been using spreadsheets for each team and extracting the data we needed, but it was very frustrating and inaccurate.

We first met Paul through the School for Social Entrepreneurs and were interested to learn more about how the WellGiving platform would help us simplify the process.

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How We Helped

The platform removes the manual element of the challenge tracking; it automatically does what a spreadsheet can only do with manual input, giving accurate real time data in one place that doesn’t rely on waiting for individuals to upload their challenge results and fundraising totals. 

The Brewin Dolphin team were able to track their progress at any time, making it easier to stay motivated and keep going.


Rosie Richardson-Aitken explains how WellGiving supported their charity challenge and wellbeing.

“We hit and exceeded our target, this was largely due to being able to regularly check in via the app and see how the rest of the team were getting on against our target in one easy place.  You could see the fundraising total increase and check your personal target, in one easy to read place.

Our company wellbeing improved and everyone talked about how much they enjoyed getting out and about.

We raised a good amount of money for charity too, which we were all pleased about. Using WellGiving definitely spurred us on in a way that a spreadsheet does not!

WellGiving can help you have oversight of all your team data in a single place.  If all the teams taking part in a challenge were using the app, we would have sight of personal, team and whole challenge data all in one place”.

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