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Paul Rhodes Wellgiving CEO

what is wellgiving?

“WellGiving is a unique platform which incentivises every employee to improve their physical health, by converting exercise into vital funds for charities they care about.”

– Paul Rhodes, CEO



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Now, more than ever, employers are looking at ways to improve the wellbeing of their staff.

Research shows that reduced interaction through lockdown measures and remote working has greatly impacted staff motivation and energy levels.

According to Public Health England and the World Health Organisation, individuals need to be exercising for 2.5 hours per week for minimum health and wellbeing. Those who carry out regular exercise are shown to have increased energy, motivation, confidence and happiness, which leads to improved workplace performance.

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The WellGiving online platform helps boost staff wellbeing by setting a collective charity goal for all staff members to reach, through activities and exercise.

There are over 30 activities to choose from, each activity allocated a number of charity points. The more activity your staff can achieve, the more points are awarded to them, until the company’s total charity target is reached.

With fun healthy competition and a staff/team points leader board, the app is designed to keep staff inspired, motivated and active – improving their wellbeing and raising vital funds for the charities they care about.

healthy, motivated staff = happy, productive workplace

how it works

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choose your wellgiving package

The WellGiving online platform supports companies of varying sizes and charity budgets. So, whether you have 5 or 500+ staff, WellGiving can be tailored to suit your needs.

Our team of WellGiving experts will help you get set up online, decide your charity budget and create a list of your nominated charities. We will guide you to choose from a host of activity challenges to best suit your company size and charity targets, with easy access for all your staff.

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set the challenge

Prepare for a new office buzz as your charity challenge is announced to your staff. Staff will be sent an invitation to join your company’s charity pledge and take up the collective challenge.

Individuals will be given their own WellGiving online profile, which they can connect to their fitness trackers and choose their preferred activities from walking, swimming, running, team sports and much more. There are over 30 different activities the staff can chose from, catered for ALL abilities, disabilities and levels of fitness.

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drive healthy competition

The more activity a staff member carries out, the more charity points will be raised towards your target goal. You can also add extra excitement and healthy competition to the challenge by enabling points leader boards for individuals and teams.

Staff can choose to receive alerts and nudges when other colleagues and teams achieve points to really push the competitive fun forwards. Your WellGiving challenge will soon become the source of office banter as the competition heats up!

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wellgiving benefits for companies

An inspiring online platform to help you meet your company charity strategy and reverse charity-fatigue

A new way of engaging and motivating staff in the workplace

Improved staff efficacy and productivity

Staff happiness and retention

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wellgiving benefits for employees

Regular exercise improving sleep, vitality, productivity and happiness

Group activities improving communication and teamwork

Healthy competition improving motivation and camaraderie

Inclusivity and a sense of office community

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